The overall goal of Mzansi Arts Development Ensemble is to use the creative medium of the performing arts to train, educate, develop and empower youth and adults from historically disadvantaged communities. Established as an arts organisation that focuses on development and training, its objective is to empower youth, provide opportunities in performance exposure, and create a platform where artists can show case their talent. MADE helps artists develop their talent through a structured and disciplined approach.

Primary objectives of MADE are to:

  • Develop, promote and sustain arts in rural, urban and peri-urban communities;

  • Promote and re-inculcate young women and men, who respect and see value in the different cultures, to accept and tolerate different cultural norms and differences;

  • Use arts for social and economic development, and upliftment of communities;

  • Introduce and promote relevant training, education, skills development and capacity building initiatives;

  • Utilise specific activities such as dance, music, theatre / drama, arts and culture, and other related activities in a more constructive and meaningful manner; and

  • Provide a platform and an environment conducive to re-inculcating, re-evoking and re-establishing moral regeneration;

Secondary objectives:

  • Promote and encourage early childhood development centres to engage and initiate programmes which build on arts, culture, heritage and tradition;

  • Create an active and a highly-participative environment where children at an early age, young women and youth are free to express their inert feelings of life and show case their untapped talent by sharing of experiences, knowledge and expertise; and

  • Document and preserve a variety of arts forms.